How to Create Killer SEO Blog Posts In Less Than 5 Minutes!

How to Create Killer SEO Blog Posts In Less Than 5 Minutes!

How Would You Like To Create Killer Blog Posts

That CRUSH The Search Engines… And Do It In

Less Than 5 Minutes?

In this video you’ll learn a formula for creating killer blog posts

that the search engines love… Using nothing but other people’s

content! Listen, normally we have 2 options when it comes to

creating blog posts…

#1. Spend hours and hours of our time creating completely unique

content. Which is great for SEO… BUT NOT FOR OUR TIME!


#2. Using someone else’s content. Which is great for our TIME…


And this is what creates the dilemma for us. Do we use someone

else’s content and save our time?..

OR, create completely unique content and say goodbye to our time?

Honestly, its a question that can drive you mad… Which causes a

huge problem for those of us that want to provide nothing but

extremely valuable content to our tribe…

Without giving up all our free time!

Which Is Why I’ve Found A Solution For Us That’ll Take Care Of Both!

The following formula will allow you to…

#1. Use other people’s content to create KILLER BLOG POSTS.

#2. At the same time be filet mignon for the Search Engines to eat up!


We Do This By Using A Killer New Tool Called… Listly!

This is a tool that allows you to KILLER lists of the best content in

your market… IN SECONDS!

And the search engines… They can NOT get enough of them!

Even though Listly pulls in a paragraph from each item that you list

in your Listly… By adding multiple items… You are in effect making

the overall content on that page with the Listly…


Some Ninja Tips For CRUSHING IT!

* Don’t just share the link to the Listly you create (which is hosted

on… Instead, embed the Listly Widget you create into a blog

post that you make… ON YOUR DOMAIN!

* Always write at least a 2-3 paragraphs yourself as an intro to

what they are about to learn!

* Create lists based on the Hot Topics in your market right now.

ie. Here is a post I created on

Killer Data On Using Pop Ups For List Building