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YouTube GameChanger : Linking To Your Website With Annotations

YouTube External Annotations Links

YouTube Update Coming That Will Allow “External Linking Inside Of Annotations”

In this article you’re going to discover why subscribe to RSS feeds using an RSS Reader such as Google Reader… And then actually checking it often can literally change your likeliness of success… BIG TIME!

So here’s the deal…

A few weeks ago, on Black Friday actually, I went out and bought myself a new Galaxy S3 cell phone (yes, I am a die hard Mac “computer” guy… and I also have a iPhone)… Anyway, I was playing around and adding all sorts of new cool apps on Android. Well after installing like 49 apps in my new Galaxy I came across a Google RSS reader widget which looked cool as hell so I installed it…

And then I looked at the sick content list from all the feeds I was subscribed to once I connected my account and I see something like this…

YouTube Update Coming That Will Allow “External Linking Inside Of Annotations”

Now in case you do not understand what the heck that means, here whats up…

If you ever uploaded a video to YouTube, you know that you can do some cool things right within YouTube’s Video Editing section… One of those “things” being add “Annotations” (those little speech bubble pop up thingies inside of the video frame itself)… And until now we could link to other YouTube Videos, we could link to our YouTube Channel… But that was about it… There was absolutely no linking to any website links outside of YouTube… Well, that just changed!

As of last week, YouTube has released an update that includes a new feature called “External Annotations” which means we can now link to our “Associated Website” (the website you tell YouTube belongs to you and is the one site that you want to “associate” with your channel!)

So starting now… We can link to ANY WEBPAGE we want to, as long as, it resides on that “Associated Websites Domain Address” (a.k.a you can link to other domains, or use re-directs… can only link to your domain)… With that said though… You can link to a different squeeze page, blog post, etc, etc… With each and every annotation.

Now I know you must be getting all excited as I did when I read that article I found in my RSS Reader that day… Actually you should be more excited because I had to wait weeks for it to be released and then had to teach myself how to activate it…  BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO DO EITHER!

Here’s why…

1. You don’t have to wait because its been released already… Meaning you can activate it RIGHT NOW!
2. I’ve created a video series that will walk you through step-by-step to activating YouTube External Annotations on your account!

And to bring this full circle… Had I not gotten a new cell phone and looked at my RSS Reader… I would have not even known about this and been clueless like the majority of folks out there!

So lesson here is to…

1. Check your RSS Reader every day to stay on top of whats going on in your market!
2. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE TO THIS RSS FEED because c’mon now, look at the type of content Im just giving away here!Ha Ha


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