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VIP 011 – How to Get Your Content Retweeted & Shared


In VIP 011 you’ll be getting a preview of what you’ll learn on the Viralizers Weekly Webinar on Twitter Marketing, which you can register for free at

How to Get People To Retweet & Share Your Content

Let me ask you something… Are you sick of your content marketing never getting Retweeted &/or Shared by anyone?  Yeah, I used to hate that too!

Before I started implementing my Social Media “Viralizers Formulas”… I’d work my ass off creating content, put it out there thinking that it was going to instantly go viral… But what would happen? NOTHING!

At which point I’d bury myself in some courses for a few more months… As if I hadn’t consumed enough content already!

Honestly, I see now that I would bury myself in a bunch of courses, not because I needed more information, but because I was looking for a way to AVOID FAILING AGAIN!

Have You Actually Tried… OR Did You Dream It Up?

In this episode, you’ll hear me reference one of my favorite TV Shows again… The Big Bang Theory!

You’ll hear me tell you about one of the dudes in the show whose name is Leonard.

Leonard has a crush on the neighbor who is a gorgeous girl named Penny.  But he never says anything.

Then one day Leonard see’s Penny with another dude and gets really depressed.

When his roommate asks him what’s wrong, he says… “Penny rejected me!”

To which, his roommate Sheldon replies by saying…  “Actually, you never asked her out, so in reality, you were never rejected!”

My point with this story is this…

Don’t Be The Geek That DREAMS About Dating… Ask Someone Out!

Listen, maybe that is a bad example… But you know what I’m saying right?

A lot of us sit around day dreaming about getting something we want, we spend all our time preparing, but when the time comes… We DO NOT Take Action!

Why don’t we take action?… Because we are SCARED OF REJECTION &/OR FAILURE!!!

Now when it comes to internet marketers, bloggers, content marketers, etc…

The equivalent of asking out the hot chick next door (a.k.a “putting yourself out there”)… Is creating content and hustling like crazy to get that content seen by as many people as possible.

Honestly, I see people all the time complaining that their content is not being retweeted or shared…


They simply hit publish, do nothing else and then complain that they got no results.

Failing Is Better Than Not Trying At All

Listen, you must put yourself out there and if you fail, at least you’ll learn a lesson and be able to do a better job next time.

But sitting around studying stuff that will no longer be relevant in 3 months due to how fast the internet is changing… IS NOT A GOOD USE OF YOUR TIME!

When all is said and done, I see it like this…

Your Business = An Engine & Eyeballs/Interaction = Fuel

If you think of your business as a engine… And the interaction your content gets as the “Fuel”… Then you will start to get it!

When your site gets interaction (ie. Comments, Retweets, Likes, Shares, Pins, +1’s, etc)… That not only gets your content to spread virally, it also…

  1. Motivates you because you see your content is helping others.
  2. Helps your AUTHORITY RANKING in the eyes of Google.
  3. More Interactions on Facebook = The more Fans that Facebook will show your updates too!
  4. And the list goes on and on.

Do you see what I’m saying? OK, cool.

Now I can already hear some people asking…

What Can I Do To Ensure My Content Get Retweeted & Shared

That’s exactly what I’ll be covering in this episode. We go over all sorts of formulas & tools (which I’ll be linking to in the next section).

So listen to this episode and then clicks the links to all the killer tools & videos that’ll teach you the exact formulas to getting more retweets!


Links Mentioned In This Episode

  1. Go check out the killer new tool that just launched called LIST ERUPTION!
  2. If you want a more advanced option then check out PunchTab!
  3. If you’d like a free tool to create “Retweet Links” then check out ClickToTweet
  4. If you’d like to watch a KILLER SERIES I recorded for you about my formula called “Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula”
  5. If you’d like to sign up for next weeks webinar… Twitter Marketing Event: How To INSTANTLY Turn Twitter Into A Traffic, Lead & Sales Generating Machine… In A Cool Way!
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