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VIP 009 – Blogging & Email Marketing… Explained!




In this episode of the Viralizers Insider Podcast you’ll learn… How to Crush It With Blogging & Email Marketing

Blogging & Email Marketing… Explained!

Do you hate writing as much as I do?  Even worst, I’m not that good at it… As I’m sure you can tell! For a while now, I’ve avoided blogging all together. Even though I knew it was something I “should” be doing… I just didn’t!  Really DUMB! But, nowadays, it’s no longer something that we “should do… Is something that we all… MUST DO!

Why Is Blogging A MUST In 2013?

Honestly, it’s probably been a MUST to be Blogging, since before 2013… But I just realized it, so lets just pretend this is something new. Listen, here’s the deal… There’s WAY TOO MUCH competition out there nowadays… As I’m sure you already know!

But Here Is The Good News…

The majority of your competitors… ARE ALL DOING THE SAME THING! And most of them are “half-assing” those things on top of doing the same stuff. So the question becomes…

How To Stick Out From Your Competition…

To stick out from your competition… You should start Spamming People! lol just playing! Obviously, you know what I’m going to say… You need to start blogging as consistently as possible! And I know it can be difficult to blog, if you’re not someone who enjoys writing… But don’t sweat that because that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you how to overcome. And here’s the best part… Did you know that Blogging is also the answer to another “MUST DO” thing for entrepreneurs?

How Blogging Can Take Care Of Your Email Marketing?

Let me ask you something… Do you have an email list… Or an AutoResponder series setup? Well this another one of those MUST HAVE’s for your business. An email list of your Tribe Members… Is one of the most valuable assets of your business. Personally, I’ve always built up Email Lists… BUT,  I’ve never setup a really great AutoResponder.

Basically, I’d always…

  • Create a WebForm
  • Set up 1, maybe 2 emails!
  • And then send broadcast emails once a blue moon!

  Stupidly, I’d never take the time to setup an email series. Dumb, huh? Why wouldn’t I take the time to do something I KNEW would make me tons more money? Because I could never wrap my head around what I would possibly talk about in all those emails… Not to mention, what order would I send it out, etc, etc, etc… In other words… EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES! But then, recently I had a HUGE “AHA”…

And I Finally Got “Email Marketing!”

I finally realized that you could easily turn your “OLD BLOG POSTS”… Into your AutoResponder Series! The thing that is so awesome about this is that… Even if a lot of people DO NOT see your first blog posts… Now they will because your AutoResponder Series! You follow me? If you listen to the episode above… I explain this and so much more! ie. One of the things I cover extensively in this episode is… Using killer email AutoResponder Services to setup insane sequences!

To do those things I use the following services…

#1. Office AutoPilot – This is what I use for my email, shopping cart, membership management system and so much more… Its absolutely INSANE! But it is kind of expensive at $300/month! Click This Link If You’d Like To Check Out The Service That I Use As My WP Member Management, My Shopping Cart, My Email Service, And So Much More… It’s Definitely Killer Having Them All In One!

#2. SendPepper – This is the same exact email system I use from Office AutoPilot… BUT its only $29.95 a month! Honestly, Im so pissed I didn’t know about this service before I signed up for my $300/m service. If I had signed up for SendPepper sooner… I honestly believe I would have double, if not triple my income because of it (again, listen to the podcast episode VIP 009, and you’ll hear about all of this)! Click This Link To Get A 15 DAY FREE TRIAl… To The Most Advanced Email Marketing Service Available… PERIOD!

#3. Aweber – This is what I’ve started off with and have been using for years… I like Aweber, BUT, its so basic and it never really got me excited about Email AutoResponder’s & Follow Up… Not like SendPepper & Office AutoPilot! But, because I still have so many webforms out there that are from Aweber… I still use Aweber for some things. You click the following link to get a $1 Trial to Aweber… Again I Recommend SendPepper But, If You Like Aweber… This Is Where To Go!!

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Tribe Builder, Blogger, Podcaster & Viral Marketing Specialist! On A Mission To Provide Massive Value To Online Entrepreneurs & Internet Marketers By Showing How To Make Money Online With Your Passion With Lessons From His "Viralizers Formula!"
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