VIP 008 – Content Marketing – Knowing What Content To Create & Share With Your Tribe


In this episode of the Viralizers Insider Podcast, you’ll learn about Content Marketing (a.k.a Knowing What Content To Create & Share With Your Tribe!)

Content Marketing On Auto-Pilot!

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How to Uncover The Questions The Prospects In Your Market Are Asking… And ACTIVELY Searching For Answers On!
  • How to Put Your Content Marketing Research… On Complete Auto-Pilot!
  • How to Find The Top Blogs In Your Market… So You’ll Have Killer Content To Share With Your Tribe!
  • How to Target & Build Relationships With The Top Influencers In your Market… And Swipe Their Sources Of Information!
  • What Types Of Content To Create… For Your Killer Content Marketing!
  • And so much more… REALLY!

The Key To Your Content Marketing

We get a lot of questions from our tribe members that ask… “What do I do… Once I have a tribe? And in this episode, this is the question I’ll be answering for you!

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Kevin DaSilva
Tribe Builder, Blogger, Podcaster & Viral Marketing Specialist! On A Mission To Provide Massive Value To Online Entrepreneurs & Internet Marketers By Showing How To Make Money Online With Your Passion With Lessons From His "Viralizers Formula!"
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  • DarrellKilgore
    Apr 21,2013 at 2:28 pm

    I’m wondering how this could work for my blogging platform. And how me and my team that I’m building will be able to use this to build there business as well. Gonna go check out Traffic, Money & Leads. Plus your website is hooked up very nice Kevin. Lets hook up and link our sites together so I can send traffic your way. Holla back

    • Apr 21,2013 at 3:48 pm

      DarrellKilgore Whats good Darrell? First off, thanks for the comment. Honestly Darrell, this formula can literally be used for anything. All you have to do is think of it like this… 
      #1. What is the core desire your prospects have? a.k.a What “end result” are you providing them with?  I’m guessing, based on what you mentioned about owning a blogging platform… That you offer a service that allows people to start blogs. So I’ll use that as the example. 
      So based on what I suggested & assuming that you do let people start blogs on your platform… The “End Result” is that the end user gets a blog/website.  So now that you have the end result… Move onto Step #2!
      #2.  Create your “Viralizers Content Series!” This would be a series of videos, blog posts, or audios that maps out the following…
             Video #1 – Here Is What Having A Blog Can Do For You (a.k.a Show Them The RESULTS They Gets Peek Their Attention)
             Video #2 – Here’s How To Setup A Killer Blog (a.k.a The How-to Basic)
             Video #3 – Here Are Some Killer Plugins &/or Advanced Tips (a.k.a Easy to Sell Them On Wanting To Watch Next Video)
             Video #4 – Here Is How You Can Automate Your Blog Building (a.k.a WHERE YOU SELL THEM ON YOUR PLATFORM!)
      Basically its… Results + Value, Value, Advanced Value, How to Automate (a.k.a Where you show them a service/product they can buy that’ll automate or make it easier to do what your series is about)
      You can see how I did this by checking out my Twitter Tribe Building Challenge.. http://Viralizers.com/twittertribebuilding
      Hope this helps Darren! 

      • DarrellKilgore
        Apr 21,2013 at 4:25 pm

        viralizersDarrellKilgoreCool Kevin, let me show you what me and over 100 thousand people are working with http://socialmediabar.com/build-your-business-while-having-a-life Have you heard of the Empower Network? this is my EN blog. And I want to get people into signing up with Empower Network and I have a sales funnel called EZ Money Formula with EN built into it along with Pure Leverage and GVO. So really, I want to rep one link and anybody coming in thru that link and wanting to join, they would have to sign up for all three hence paid leads and sales. I would like to send people here to learn this and as well as myself, I have to be a proven product of this and I’m wondering if you can help me set this up. I will today and after the Lakers playoff game, post your link on my blog. What do you think?

        • Apr 22,2013 at 3:03 am

          DarrellKilgore hey darrell, yeah I know a few friends in Empower Network. Honestly, just stay tuned this week and over the next couple weeks. I’ll be doing webinars, I’ll be releasing so many videos over these 2 weeks that I’ll be doubling the number of videos on this site… AND will be launching a 8 Week LIVE Bootcamp on Tribe Building & Monetizing, that comes with Coaching Calls every week! 
          So whether you’d like to take up one of the handful of seats in the bootcamp… Or, just would like some killer strategies… I promise you that you’ll have everything you need within the next 2 weeks!

        • DarrellKilgore
          Apr 25,2013 at 4:42 pm

          viralizers DarrellKilgore Hey there Kevin, wow ok then I would like a seat on that and participate. I’m ready to blow this business up and get paid. Tired of getting up early in the morning to go work on a construction job. Not that I don’t like it because it paid for me to even be back on the Internet/Network Marketing seen. I want to put a widget to your site on my EN blog so other people can see what I’m doing and join in. Do you have code for a widget? and is it ok to post it on my EN blog? let me know.

          • Apr 26,2013 at 7:57 am

            Hey Darrell, awesome my man! I’ll reserve your seat if you want in! Ill be doing a webinar next week, where I’ll be sharing a ton of formulas… And also be explaining the Bootcamp! As for the widget… I’ll also be setting up an affiliate program by next week’s webinar. As soon as I do we’ll set you up with a sidebar banner and an affiliate link so that you can get credit for anyone who signs up for the bootcamp also! 😉

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