VIP 005 – Persausion & Influence – Part 2 of Action to Money Making Series


In this episode of VIP you’ll learn about building Persuasion & Influence with the members of your community… And how to become one of the most influential leaders in your market.

Why Building Persuasion & Influence Is More Important…

So what is it that most Online Entrepreneurs are after? MONEY! Right?

The majority of us are all about the “SELL”… Honestly, for years I spent all my time studying courses that focus on nothing but “How to Make Money”… Its no wonder why the majority of us (believe the stat is still 97%) are not making a dollar online.

Think about that for a second… A whole community of Internet Marketers are focused on nothing but “Making Money”… But 97% of them are, what, NOT MAKING ANY MONEY!

 What Leads To Real Money Making?

Listen, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, if you really want to make money online… You need to stop focusing your mind on “making money!” And instead focus your mind on providing value and building influence within your community.

This is the way to really make money online, by… “Building Influence & Persuasion!”

Think about it…

The person whose only focus is making sales… Is always in Salesperson Mode!

Whereas, the person who wants to build Persuasion & Influence… This is a person who is focused on building up Reciprocity, Social Proof, Likability, Authority, etc! And to do these things you must be focused on… PROVIDING VALUE & BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS!

Enter Robert Cialdini’s Laws Of Persuasion

So here’s the deal, I’m about to break down Robert Cialdini‘s… 6 Laws Of Persuasion. But instead of just explaining each law, I’ll also be breaking down how each of these laws leads to your MAKING MONEY!

Persuasion Principle #1 – Reciprocity

The Law Of Reciprocity Says…

If I do something for you, then you will in turn feel OBLIGATED to do something for me. I know, I know, you’ve heard this all before.

But here’s what we want to do differently… Don’t do this the…

Old Way: “I’ll give a bunch of people my free ebook and then they’ll owe me!”

While don’t get me wrong, the “old way” is fine… But that’s not really doing something valuable for that other person, is it. While Im sure your ebook is very valuable… It’s also something that you profit from in some way.

Here’s what i’m saying… What is it that we want? We want to build “Viralizer Sites” right? We want to build a tribe of “Viralizer Fans” that retweets, share, like and comment on our content… Right?

So then, that’s what we want to do for others…. Do it the…

Viralizers Formula: If we want retweets, shares & likes… Then “Retweet, Share, Like & Comment On The Posts By The People You Want To Build Persuausion With!”

You see, when you start sharing THEIR content… That’s something that will actually be deserving of some reciprocation. You follow me?

Persausion Principle #2 – Social Proof

Social Proof is one of the most powerful principles of all. Human behavior dictates that we will trust & follow the people that we see a lot of other people trust & follow.

Viralizers Formula: In the next epsiode of VIP I’ll be sharing some of my best “Tribe Building Formulas.” These formulas will build you a tribe of the Most Active, Most Engaged & Hungriest Buying Audience in your market. If you follow these formulas…. This will give you all the Social Proof you will ever need.

Persausion Principle #3 – Likability

We can easily be persuaused by anyone we like… Right? So how can we be likable?

There are 3 criteria for being more likable. We like people that…

1. Compliment Us

2. Are Like Us.

3. Share Our Beliefs (a.ka Common Goals)

Viralizers Formula: In Episode #3 of the Viralizers Insider Podcast, we talked about creating your own Manifesto. A manifesto which displays the shared beliefs & common goals of your tribe. This is the reason we do it. By sharing your manifesto, you are able to hit 2 of 3 of the “likablity criteria” before they read a blog post or listen to a podcast. This is why you see the image of the Viralizers Manifesto being displayed in the sidebar of Viralizers.com on every page. 😉

Persausion Principle #4 – Scarcity

This one is simple. We want things that everyone else wants… Right? If you have scarce product &/or information, you can use that to make more sales.

Viralizers Formula: Build you a tribe of 1000’s & 1000’s of loyal fans. When you have a huge following and then make an offer that only a certain number can grab… Because everyone can easily see that you have a huge following, scracity is implied from day one.

Persausion Principle #5 – Authority

We are easily persuauded by people we as Authorities. ie. Doctors

So how can you be seen as an Authority? Well there are 2 critieria.

1. Knowledgable

2. Trustworthy

Viralizers Formula: From day one you’ll be seen as a “Knowledgable Authority” because you’ll be following the Viralizers Formula, always putting out killer content & sharing other people’s content. And you’ll be trusted because if you follow our formula… You’ll be honest, admit weaknesses and people will trust you more for it.

Persausion Principle #6 – Commitment & Consistency

People are more willing to continue taking action… Once they have started, no matter how small that first action is!

This is something we’ll be focusing a lot of time on in Viralizers. I’ll be talking about this more in the next episode… AND you will witness first hand how we’ll be implementing this formula in Viralizers.

Listen to this podcast, in it I go into great detail about using Commitment & Consistency!



Kevin DaSilva
Tribe Builder, Blogger, Podcaster & Viral Marketing Specialist! On A Mission To Provide Massive Value To Online Entrepreneurs & Internet Marketers By Showing How To Make Money Online With Your Passion With Lessons From His "Viralizers Formula!"
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