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Viralizers Fans – Part 2 – Recruiting Viralizer Fans Into Your Tribe

Part 2 - Recruiting Viralizer Fans - small

This is Part 2 of a 3 Part “Viralizer Fans” Series, that breaks down the 1st part of the Viralizers Formula (watch this video! In this first part, you’re going to learn… “How to Recruit A Viralizer Fans!”

Recruiting Viralizer Fans Into Your Tribe

So in Part 1 of the “Viralizer Fans Series” ( ) we talked about… “How to Become A Viralizer Fan… And How Doing So Will Lead To You Becoming A Leader In Your Market!”

In this video, Part 2, will talk about the overview of…

“How to Recruit  Viralizers Fans Into Your Tribe!”

As Viralizers, we do not believe in adding just anyone to some “list!” We are interested in… “Building Relationships… Not Numbers!”

To do this we locate the top tribes, viralizer sites and communities in your market… We then cherry pick the “Viralizer Fans” which are the people that are conversing, engaging, sharing, commenting, retweeting, liking, etc.

If you ONLY recruit “Viralizer Fans” into your tribe… Then you will build a tribe of the most active, most engaged and most interested people in your market.

See if someone is Retweeting & having Conversations in hashtags about your topic… What do we know about that person?

1. We know they are REAL! If you simply target the “followers of a competitor”…

The majority of them will be fake accounts, people that maybe followed that competitor a few years ago but is no longer interested in your topic, people that haven’t signed into Twitter in ages, etc.

But as a member of the Viralizers tribe… You’re about to learn how to only target the most active and interested influencers in your market (a.k.a the Viralizer Fans).

You’ll learn not only how to target them… But where to target the Viralizer Fans.

They are every where… you just need to know where to look and how to recruit them!

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this… “Part 2… Recruiting Viralizer Fans!”

Kevin DaSilva
Tribe Builder, Blogger, Podcaster & Viral Marketing Specialist! On A Mission To Provide Massive Value To Online Entrepreneurs & Internet Marketers By Showing How To Make Money Online With Your Passion With Lessons From His "Viralizers Formula!"
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