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VIP004 – Part 1 of Action to Money Making Series

In this episode, Part 1 of 4 from the “Action to Money Making” Series, you’ll learn… “2 Mindset Shifts To Instantly Become A MASSIVE Action Taker!”

Viralizers Insiders Podcast (VIP) #004 – Show Notes

In the first 3 episodes of VIP, we covered the Brand Story, Framework, Beliefs & Philosophy that we as Viralizers belief in, and take action on.

Now, its time to start taking some MASSIVE Action, to start Building Persuasion & Influence In Your Market, to start do some killer Tribe Building, and to start Making Money!

And what better way could I do this, then by creating a simple, easy to follow, 4 part podcast series (complete with videos, exercises, along with podcasts)…

That will guide you through the 4 steps to start making money.

As you can probably guess by now…

The 4 Part Viralizers Formula – Action To Money

Part 1 – 2 Mindset Shifts That’ll Get You Taking Massive Action!” (a.k.a this episode)

Part 2 – Persuasion Formulas To Become The Most Influential Tribe Leader In Your Market

Part 3 – How to Target/Recruit The Most Active Fans, Hungriest Buyers & Viralizer Fans Into Your Tribe!

Part 4 – Viralizers Formula To Start Making Money Overnight… In A Way That’ll Have Your Tribe Thanking You!

2 Mindset Shifts – Becoming An Action Taker!

Ok, so getting back to this part of the VIP “Action to Money Series,” I’ll be giving you the… “2 Most Profound Mindset Shifts, That’ll Fire You Up & Getting You Roaring To Take Action… IMMEDIATELY!”

Mindset Shift #1 – The Competition Mind Swap

If you’re like me, sometimes you glance over at your “to do list,” that happens to be sitting on your desk, right by the keyboard, and sometimes you can’t help but think… “Arghhh, I gotta get my chores done this week!”

You know what I’m saying… Right?

Well, a few weeks back I had this HUGE, PROFOUND, REALIZATION!

A few weeks ago, I was bored and decided that I was going to do some re-con (a.k.a competition intelligence).

So I started checking out one of the competitors, for Viralizers. It’s a cool lil’ website, but nothing I can’t beat.

But then, later on that night, while watching TV, a question popped into my mind …

I wonder what competitors of Viralizers say to themselves when they visit my site?

Are they thinking to themselves…

WOW, Im in trouble, this brand will kick my ass one day, if I don’t get my ass in gear?

OR, are they thinking…

This brand still has a long way too go, they’re missing this, that, this, and that too. Im not worried?

Let me tell you, when I ever did a “mind swap” with my competitor, and looked at my site, completely disconnected from myself…

And seriously looked at my site, as if… Viralizers wasn’t my site, but was instead a competitor of mine… WOW!

Here’s what happens…

You’ll see things missing from the site, which are crucial.

Things you know you “need to get done,” but life has a way of getting in the way. However, when you see those things, through the eyes of a competitor, they’re are now seen… AS A WEAKNESSES!

You see, when you take a look at your site, and see something that still needs to be added &/or completed… You’ll usually say to yourself…

I have to get that done, if only I didn’t have to go pick up the kids right now, and if only I got some sleep last night… I’d do it now

Or something to that effect… Right?

We see those things and come up with reasons we can work on them, right this second, and we put them off!

HOWEVER, when you see those same exact things, as a “weakness,” and as a weakness YOU have, while looking at it through your competitors eyes… All Those Excuses Keeping You From Taking Action… Fly Right Out The Window!

How do these things magically become #1 priorities?

For a few reasons…

Realize That You’re In A Competition!

Understand that, you’re to do list is NOT just some list of “chores”…

That list is full of “action steps” that, when completed, will get you more results in your business, will build your brand, and most importantly… Will Make You Better Than The Other Guy!!!

See, most of us, including me, put off tasks until “later,” failing to realize that, its those very tasks that will be responsible for our Success &/or Failure!

And when you finally wake up and realize that you are in a competition… And that there are other people watching the actions that you, your site and your brand, all take on a daily basis…

Or, watching the “lack of actions” that you take… You’ll see that these are no longer things that can be “put off until tomorrow!”

Those Actions Are Things That Need To Be Completed… RIGHT NOW!

And here’s another thing you realize… And this was the…


Before, I used to make the biggest mistake, when creating my “to do list”… I’d place studying some new “Guru Course,” or some type of studying in general… Above actions that were things I needed to do for my site (ie. Create Content, Add Opt-In Box, etc).

But when I looked at my site through the eyes of my competitor… I also realized this… That is also how my site looked like when my prospects looked at my site.

What was missing you ask?

My websites were falling short by…


  • Not Being Updated With Content On A Consistent Basis
  • Didn’t Have Opt-In Form To Build My Mailing List
  • When I’d Create Content… It Was Like A Race! I Wasn’t Taking Pride In The Quality I Was Putting Out!
  • The Titles Of The Blog Posts Were Not Written With Serious Thought
  • The Articles Were Not SEO Optimized
  • And So Much More!


Finally, I realized that, not only was this stuff important…

Its The Most Important Asset Of Your Business!

Now I know, most people will say… Your Email List Is Most Important!

Which I can’t disagree with completely! However, I will say this…

…Where does your “List Building” get done?

Normally, your blog/website is how you’ll build your email list.

So when you really think about that… Your website is so much more important then we sometimes realize.

Blocking Online Entrepreneurs From Success…

Its having priorities set wrong. Thinking that studying & learning is more important than action taking.

Thinking that learning how to sell… Is somehow more important, than working on the site where all your traffic will come from… And where your prospect will go to see if you’re someone they should trust.

This Mindset Shift Can Be Applied Towards Your…


  • Your Twitter Profile
  • Your Fan Page
  • Your Email List
  • And Anything Else!


Mindset Shift #2 – You’re Going Viral At All Times!

Did you ever think to yourself… “I’ll hold off publishing this content!?” And yeah you say it thinking, ah it’ll be just for a few weeks… BUT, then I’ll “crush it!?”

Here’s the problem with that thinking…

You’re not realizing that… You are going viral at all times, EVEN WHEN  you are silent!

Even though you’re thinking… “Out of sight, out of mind. As long as I’m behind the scenes working, I’m not doing any brand building, but I’m also can’t do any damage to my brand… Right?! WRONG!

What’s Exactly Is Going Viral?

Your silence, the fact that you are not a part of the community, the fact that you are not a leader in your market.

Do you ever see a brand like, “Coca Cola,” just suddenly stop selling soda, stop running commercials, stop sponsoring sports teams?

And if they did, what would you be thinking?… You’d probably be thinking, their done!

And that’s my point!

Even when you’re silent, or even worst, you put out shitty content, somehow thinking… Ah, I’ll put out better content next time!

We need to put out our best content, at all times, as consistent as possible.

We need to always bring our best!

You also need to…

Take Pride In Your Content, Interactions & Brand!

For years, I would add a video to a blog post, embed a video and boom was done in minutes!

Even if I had nothing else to do at that moment… I’d race to get it done, as if I did!

Now, I spend days on every piece of content I create, I take pride in its quality and only want to deliver the absolute best that I can while also meeting deadlines (so that I don’t spend too long making it “my best!)

ie. This post right here has/will take me hours to write. Even though I’ve already spent hours, upon hours of… Planning, Recording, Editing, and Distributing the Podcast Episode. These are just the Show Notes!

As should you. Take time in what you put. And realize that its what everyone can see you putting out, from the “Outside In” that really matters!

All the “busy” running around you do, behind the scenes, when it comes down to it… Isn’t doing anything to build your brand, build you relationships or make you money.

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