Viralizers Manifesto

VIP 003 – Viralizers Manifesto – Beliefs for Online Entrepreneurs

[powerpress]Have you ever wondered how to build a bigger/better tribe, that knows, like & trust trust you/your brand… More than they do, your competitors?  Well thats exactly what you’ll learn in this episode of the #VIPodcast, titled… “Viralizers Manifesto!”

First Why & Then Trust

Trust comes from common value & set of beliefs – Simon Sinek

Viralizers Manifesto

Viralizers Manifesto

That is one powerful quote right there… Right?

In this episode of the #VIP, we’ll be talking about the “Viralizers Manifesto!”

What is the “Viralizers Manifesto?”

Well before we jump into the “Viralizer Manifesto” is, let’s talk about what a “Manifesto” in general is, and how it relates to you building more trust & likability within your tribe.

Here’s the definition for Manifesto used on Wikipedia.com

A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.[1][2][3] A manifesto usually accepts a previously published opinion or public consensus and/or promotes a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out changes the author believes should be made. It often is political or artistic in nature, but may present an individual’s life stance. Manifestos relating to religious belief are generally referred to as creeds.

Alright, I know you’re probably wondering…


How Will A “Manifesto” Build Your Tribe & Brand?

As I have said very often in #VIP… I did a ton of research in 2012. Well I found some killer ninja tools, crazy ass content & while in the lab whipped up some formulas for dominating markets!

One of those amazing finds, while on my treasure hunt through the “interwebs,” was a video by a brilliant dude, Simon Sinek!

At the time, I had no idea who Simon was, but one thing I did know was… This dude was definitely speaking our, “Viralizers Langauge!”  

Here’s an example that Simon used to illustrate his formula called… “The Golden Circle!”

Now here’s the deal, I’m gonna paraphrase (mostly because Im too lazy right now to go write down the exact quote, but it goes something like), but I promise you that what you’re about to learn here, and in the podcast… Will change your whole viewpoint on how dominate markets. 


ie. “Lets say you from the USA and that you’re a Red Sox fan… And you go to Europe, let’s say it was Portugal.

So you’re in a country where every is speaking a different language, dresses different, and looks at you like an outsider.

But then, you stroll onto a bus that is packed with a bunch of people speaking but all you hear is a bunch of chattering.

But then, you hear someone say…

“Hey another Red Sox fan!”

You look around, and to your surprise, you see a dude standing in front of you wearing a hat almost identical to yours.  Now because you are both “outsiders” that share a common interest (in this case, you’re both fans of the Red Sox)… You instantly spark up a conversation are instantly “BFF’s!”

Why are you instantly Best Friends with the dude you just met? Because you share a single common interest… the Red Sox!


You see, what Simon Sinek explains so insightfully, is that… 

We Do Follow Brands That Tell Us “WHY!” 

In this example, Apple, doesn’t just tell us what products they make, what materials they use to make it and why its the best… Apple stand for INNOVATION, EXCELLENCE, BEING AHEAD OF THE CURVE! Apple tells us… “WHY” they do what they do!

They innovate, and are always coming out with products that change the culture as we know. They want to be and stride to be the BEST… Period!

What You Can Learn From The Legend Of Tribe Building… Martin Luther King!

So another “paraphrased” example that Simon talks about is, tribe building lengend… Martin Luther King!

Here is a man that was able to organize marches with crowds totaling more than one million people…  At a time when there were no computers, no internet, no way to talk to the masses (and people today complain that things are “hard” with access to billions at their fingertips).

But the point is not that MLK was able to do that… Is that people were not only following the man for the hell of it… He was on stage saying the things that they all, in their minds, were saying to themselves (a.k.a they shared his beliefs!)

So how can you apply this to your business to build a more loyal and larger tribe?

What we as Viralizers need to do is… Start talking about what we believe, and stop only talking about the How-to or What!

Figure out what it is your brand… BELIEVES!

Here at Viralizers, I’ve been working on the “Viralizers Manifesto!”

Its an image that states all of the beliefs a Viralizer lives by, so that in times of struggle, when facing obstacles or just need a pick due to feeling unsure… Any Viralizer will be able to take a look at the image of the Viralizers Manifesto and remind themselves what we believe… And doing things being unsure of ourselves in not one of them.

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Hi Kevin - again, another really excellent post. Your manifesto has some great value and insights for someone like me who is just really starting the journey. So many good points, but for me the build relationships not numbers just seems to make so much sense. The idea of giving daily, without worrying about response, but just creating content that adds value, also is common sense. The "overnight success" stories grate on me. Ok, there are some that may happen, but from what I see most of the really successful people took 5 years or more to become and "overnight success" through hard work, dedication and persistence. Really valuable advice you offer. Thanks .


@PeteBillingham Hey Pete, I just added the Podcast Episode to the post... It wasn't there before (mistake!)


@PeteBillingham Hey Pete, honestly my man, there's no one that has had "overnight success!" The people who make those claims of making "$1,000,000 in 24 hour period"... Might have actually done that! But, what they don't tell you is that they spent 3 years attending events, building a list, building relationships with JV Partners, etc... However, when you spend all your time providing value Pete, building a name for yourself in your market, letting the world see you have something to value... Now you are out there, people start to see you and the value that you have to offer... And BOOM, things will absolutely start to happen. In the next episode, and also in the upcoming video trainings, we'll be focusing heavily on how to turn that relationship building... Into a money making business! And with the consistency and commitment that i see you have Pete... I know you're going to do great! And I'll do my best to help you every step of the way. ;-) Thanks again for the wonderful and consistent feedback Pete!


@viralizers I just love your enthusiasm, comes through on the podcast and the comments! Thanks - looking forward to the future!!