Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula - Part 2
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Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula – Pt 2

In Part 2 of this Viralizers Twitter Marketing Series you’ll learn how to make money with the… Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula! Specifically, How to Get More Targeted ReTweets for Your Business!”

Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula – Part 2

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In Part 1 of the “Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula, we talked about “How to Get Retweets For Your Business.

In this video – a.k.a Part 2, we’ll be breaking down a Case Study of how a top brand in the world is using the… “Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula!”

Make Money By Getting Retweets!

Not only can a tweet be written as a “Retweet Tweet” -which is created to specifically to get retweeted to get exposure for you, your brand & your business… But you can also use the viralness of the “Twitter Tweet ReTweet,” to get people to share links that directly result in getting paid per click, per sale or some other type of action.
In this video we break down how a top website online (a.k.a Edelman) exposed a “sponsored link” from a partnerhsip they help create between the “AP” (Associated Press), and another top brand – which in this case happens to be Samsung). And by using the exact formula you learned in Part 1 of this Viralizers “Twitter Marketing” Series On… “Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula” that shows you…

How to Get More ReTweets for Your Business!

They generated almost an additional 900 clicks from this formula alone… Which I believe the case could easily be made that these were 800+ clicks they would’ve never received without this formula. And as you will see in this video, those 800+ clicks generated from the “Retweet Tweet Formula,” were generated mostly within 48 hours.

So as you can see, this is an extremely powerful formula…

Imagine Results With This Formula On All Your Posts!

You’ll be able to get some major traffic boosts, just like Edelman was able to get (for Samsung & the AP), but times the results by the number of times you use this formula.

It’s completely up to you… And the sky is the limit.

So get to work creating your “Viralizer Content Series,” and combine that with the “Retweet Tweet Formula” to get more retweets… And watch the traffic on your site explode, as well as your leads & sales too!



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