Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula - Part 1
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Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula – Pt. 1

In Part 1 of this Viralizers, “Twitter Marketing & Viralizing” Series, you’ll learn… How to Use The “Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula”… To Get Targeted ReTweets for Your Business!


Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula – Part 1

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Normally, we can only think of one way to get our “Tweets ReTweeted,” which usually goes something like…


  • You Put Out Tweet
  • Small % Of Your Followers See Tweet Twitter
  • Some Of Those People Maybe ReTweet That Tweet!



The Problem With This Is…

How many of followers will realistically see any single tweet you put out? And of those that do, how many will actually Retweet it to their followers?  Now don’t get me wrong, by using Viralizers Formulas, and building relationships with the Viralizer Fans in your market, then recruiting them into your tribe… Then yeah, you’ll definitely have a tribe of people… Retweeting Your Tweets!

But Here’s The Deal…

The “Retweet Tweet Formula” Will Not Only Get You Tweets Retweeted On Days You’re Active On Twitter, But That Tweet Will Get Retweeted… For Years To Come!  You see, there are free tools you can be using right now, which’ll allow you… 

#1 Tweets Specifically For Getting Retweeted!

These tweets will include specific things from this formula (which you’re going to learn about in this Part 1 video too), things such as…

#2 How “#Hashtags” Can Get You Exposure!

Which when shared by tons of people… Give you the chance to get exposure to 1000’s of people you would have never gotten access to otherwise.

#3 Why @YourUsername In “Retweet Tweets” Is A Must! 

Normally when one of your followers “retweets” your orginal “tweet”… It’ll show that you orginally were the one to “tweet out” that message. But, when the “followers of your followers” see that tweet… It no longer shows you as the author of original tweet!

You follow me? Lets say Bob is one of your followers, and he “retweets” one of your “tweets” to his followers… Awesome, all his followers will see you were original author… Getting you exposure to Bob’s tribe.

But, when some of Bob’s followers “retweet” that message… BOB, not you, will be seen as the author, meaning you no longer are getting exposure… And so on down the line!

You see, when you write a tweet, especially one knowing that its being created specifically for the “Tweet Retweet Formula,” that’ll get retweeted, over and over again…

Then you need to use the formula, as shown in this video, to make sure that no matter how many levels of people retweet that message down the line… Every single one will lead back to you…

This will result in you…


  • Getting More Traffic To Your Business & Website
  • Getting More ReTweets
  •  Getting More Followers On Twitter For Your Business
  • Getting More Exposure For You, Your Brand & Your Business
  • And So Much More



#4 How To Tag @TopInfluencer’s… In A Cool Way!

So in the same tweet that has, @YourUsername, with your URL… You can also include @TopInfluencer, if it makes sense obviously!

Why? Because every time it gets retweeted, not only are you getting you, your brand, and your URL exposed… You also getting the same for the @TopInfluencer (while at the same time getting them exposure.)

ie. Let’s say I created a post on http://www.Viralizers.com about one of my mentors, Gary Vaynerchuk. Since I’m writing about how ninja Gary is when it comes to Social Media Marketing, it’d only make sense that I make a “Twitter Tweet Retweet” that @mentions Gary.

So that Retweet would look something like… [New #Viralizers Blog Post] How to Crush It Like @GaryVee | Read it at http://Viralizers.com/vip001 by @KevinDaSilva


A “Twitter Tweet Retweet” Like This Would…

* Build the #hashtag, and brand exposure for my new brand… #Viralizers!

* Every Retweet Would @GaryVee (a.k.a Gary Vaynerchuk) which means I’d be getting Gary great exposure, it’d also get me on @GaryVee’s radar since he’d see me getting me all this traffic, retweets and he’d also see that I have a nice, influential tribe.

Don’t you think that doing something like this a few times before ever contacting Gary for an interview or something would be very beneficial for him and I?

* AND this tweet includes a URL to my 1st episode of my podcast (which should actually be about GaryVee. So I get back links to my site, retweets for my podcast, etc.
* AND I get my @KevinDaSilva exposed in every single tweet… SO NOT MATTER HOW MANY TIMES IT GETS RETWEETED… My name will not get lost in the levels. Also, this lets GaryVee (or whatever @topinfluencer know who to credit the traffic & exposure they are getting too) 

So as you can see, this Viralizers “Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula,” WILL Get Retweets For You, Your Business, And Your Brand… And It Can Build Relationships With Some Of The Top Influencers In Your Market!

So get to it… And go explode your traffic, followers & brand reputation!


Click the following link to watch…

Part 2 of the Twitter Tweet Retweet Formula! Where you’ll learn… How to Get Make Money For Your Business Using Retweets!”


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