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Viralizers Fans – Part 1 – How Becoming A Viralizer Fan Will Make You A Leader In Your Market!

In this first part, you’re going to learn… “How to Become A Viralizer Fan!”  What many people fail to realize is that the best way to… Build A Tribe, Your Brand, Relationships with Influencers In Your Market, etc… Is to Become a “Viralizer Fan!”

Becoming A Fan… To Become A Leader!

This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series, that breaks down the 1st part of the Viralizers Formula (which can be learned at http://www.Viralizers.com/framework ), which is Viralizer Fans!

Now I know you’re probably wondering…

What exactly is a “Viralizer Fan?”

Viralizer Fans: The most active, interested, engaged fans of any given market. These are the people that are a part of the community, are always sharing, commenting, liking, etc the content be spread throughout their community… And are one of the reasons that content is being spread.

See most people think that you only want to recruit the Viralizer Fans (which I’ll now refer to as “VF’s”) vs. being a VF… But this is wrong!

If all you do is share links to your content, your squeeze page, or someone affiliate landing pages… And never interact with &/or engage the people in your market…  Simply put… You’re Doomed To Fail!

Don’t get me wrong… Can money be made by simply running ads and doing nothing but promote, promote, promote… YES!

But here’s the problem with that model… If you do nothing but run ads to build a list and then try to sell that list… While you will convert 2-5% of them into sales… Those people will end up unsubscribing from your list… PERIOD!

Even worst, the day you stop running ads… Your business will come to a immediate halt! You see, when you do nothing but Promote, Promote, Promote… You build no relationships, no bond with your audience… Meaning that you always have to continue bringing in new people if you hope to convert. BUT, what happens when you stop bringing in new peeps… Business is DEAD!

However, if you spend your timing doing what I outline in this video, by…

1. Becoming a part of the communities in your market!

2. Engaging with the VF’s in your market… Daily!

3. Build relationships with the leaders in your market!

4. Build yourself a tribe of actual friends/fans.

5. Share the best content with your tribe & community.
And the list goes on… But if you do it this way, the VIRALIZERS WAY…
You will build actual friendships with not only your tribe, other tribes and the Leaders of those other tribes… Meaning that you will always have a place in your market. Versus, living behind the scenes making money by talking to emails instead of real people.

The other thing that the Viralizers Formula will show you how to do is put your content out there for everyone in your market to consume and appreciate…

If you follow the formula, you will have thousands of pages out there, on the top “Viralizer Sites” (sites where content can easily go viral)… Which will continue to build you traffic, leads and money making for years to come! But it all starts off with this first part of the formula. And your success is dependent upon how well you execute this part of the formula, so pay close attention to what you learn and implement every single step you learn.